Expressways in Tokyo area partially closed to prepare for heavy snowfall

Expressway operators have closed some sections of toll roads in Tokyo and the surrounding areas as a precaution to prevent vehicles from being stranded due to snow and icy roads. Heavy snowfall is expected from Monday afternoon to Tuesday.

The operators closed some sections of the Tomei, Shin-Tomei, Chuo, Ken-o and other expressways in wide areas from the eastern region of Kanto to the central region of Tokai from Monday noon.

The Metropolitan Expressway Company had earlier closed some toll gates on its Shutoko routes. The Central Circular Route is partially closed.

The Tomei Expressway is closed between the Tokyo Interchange and the Shimizu Junction.

The Shin-Tomei Expressway is closed between the Ebina-minami Junction and Shin-Hadano Interchange, and between the Shin-Gotenba Interchange and Shin-Shimizu Junction.

The Chuo Expressway is blocked between the Takaido Interchange and the Nakatsugawa Interchange, and between the Otsuki Junction and the Kawaguchiko Interchange.

All the sections are closed in both directions.

The East Nippon Expressway Company says some sections will be closed to traffic from 3 p.m. on Monday.

On the Kan-etsu Expressway, the section between the Nerima Interchange and the Honjo-Kodama Interchange will be blocked.

The Tohoku Expressway is scheduled to close between the Kawaguchi Junction and the Sano-Fujioka Interchange.

Expressway operators are urging drivers to keep updated with the latest information on their websites as closures may increase depending on the amount of snowfall.

They are also asking motorists to refrain from non-essential trips, and to use winter tires if they have to drive on expressways.