Civilians taking part in Ukraine's plan to produce a million FPV drones

Civilians in Ukraine are helping in the production of a million drones of a type called FPV, or first-person-view, to be used for the battle against Russia.

FPV drones are widely in demand on the battlefield, as they enable their operators to check aerial footage in real-time, as if they were the pilot really flying the aircraft.

The drone's small size and cheaper costs are also among its key features.

Support for achieving the production goal is rising among civilians in Ukraine. Efforts include assembling the drones by themselves and sending them to the military.

One civilian living in the capital Kyiv said he has been learning to assemble and operate the drone for about half a year while working as a game developer.

He said he wants to have the skills because they are helpful when he will serve in the military.

In Kyiv, civilian engineers and others hold training for soldiers to operate drones.

Ukraine last year launched the plan to boost output levels of FPV drones. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said late last month that to keep ahead of Russia in the quality of drone operations is one of his country's main tasks.

Russia's defense ministry said on Saturday its forces carried out 37 drone attacks over the past week on Ukrainian targets, including military facilities and fuel storage sites.

Ukrainian forces also continue to strike targets in Russian territory near the border with Ukraine using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Observers say securing large numbers of drones and troops who operate them is an immediate priority for Ukraine, as there is a possible stagnation of further military support for the country from Western nations.