Charity concert held in NY for quake-hit Noto

About 180 Japanese nationals and Japanese Americans gathered for a charity event in New York City to benefit the victims of the earthquake that hit the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture last month.

Among the entertainers was Broadway performer Yusui Minami, who hails from the prefectural capital Kanazawa City.

The audience listened to her sing such songs as Sakamoto Kyu's "Ue wo muite arukou," popularly known as "Sukiyaki."

There were performances with Japanese drums and the shakuhachi bamboo flute, as well as a dance performance by local children that drew great applause.

A charity auction was held and donations were collected.

A woman whose friend experienced the earthquake said those who live abroad can only help by donating money, but they are always thinking about Japan and hope those affected by the disaster will overcome their challenges.

Yusui said she was frustrated at not being able to be in Ishikawa to help, but she wants to continue to do as much as she can with her friends in New York.

She said she hopes those in Noto and the Hokuriku region can feel that people around the world are thinking about them.