Japan sends laptops and tablets to support children's education in Ukraine

Japan is sending Ukraine computer equipment as part of a program to help children continue their education amid the Russian invasion.

Japan is sending 3,400 laptops, tablets and network equipment, along with generators.

Some of the items were handed over to Ukraine on Friday through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, or JICA.

They will be delivered to digital learning centers in eastern regions of Ukraine where many schools have been destroyed by Russian bombing.

Even in the capital Kyiv, classes are often disrupted by air raid sirens and children are forced to evacuate to shelters.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dmytro Zavgorodnii said the goal is to get as many children as possible access to online education.

Matsunaga Hideki, Chief Representative of JICA Ukraine Office, said the equipment is needed to provide children who cannot attend school with learning opportunities. He added that Japan wants to continue to support rebuilding efforts in Ukraine.