EU agrees on $54 billion aid deal for Ukraine

The European Union has agreed on a new aid package for Ukraine. It is worth 50 billion euros, or 54 billion dollars.

EU leaders agreed on the package at a meeting in Brussels on Thursday.

Hungarian has close ties with Russia, and Prime Minister Viktor Orban has blocked support for Ukraine. However, other EU leaders pressured him to agree to the package.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said, "Ukraine is fighting for us. So we will support them with the necessary funding and provide them with the much needed predictability they deserve."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy joined the meeting online and later thanked the members. He said, "The EU has proven that its word matters, and its promises work for the interests of the entire Europe."

EU leaders persuaded Orban by agreeing that the budget would be reviewed in two years if necessary.

Orban cast that as a victory, saying the oversight would "guarantee the rational use of the funds." He added that he received guarantees that Hungary's money would not be used.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk criticized those tactics, saying the leaders do not have "Ukraine-fatigue" but "Orban-fatigue."

A US aid package for Ukraine has been stalled in Congress. Von der Leyen said she believes the EU's agreement will encourage American officials to "do their fair share."