Myanmar NUG Acting President on weakening junta, resistance unity

A leader of Myanmar's pro-democracy camp says it will strengthen alliances with ethnic minorities amid continued fighting with the country's military.

National Unity Government acting president Duwa Lashi La spoke to NHK as Myanmar marked the third anniversary since the military seized power.

He says the resistance has been gaining ground and that there is disunity in the Myanmar military leadership.

He adds that the junta soldiers are no longer listening to their commanders and many are defecting.

Since October, NUG has been intensifying coordinated attacks alongside ethnic armed groups against the military.

Duwa Lashi La says prolonged battles have exhausted junta soldiers, resulting in mass surrenders.

He adds that NUG will step up pressure to further demoralize the military and drive more soldiers to defect to the pro-democracy side.

This is a key strategy to prevent the junta from consolidating its grip on power. Earlier this week, the junta extended the state of emergency by another six months, citing worsening security.

Duwa Lashi La expects the international community, especially neighboring China, to play an important role in bringing peace to the country. Beijing has been mediating temporary ceasefire negotiations between the junta and resistance forces.

While he says it is possible that China is pressuring for peace only for its own benefit, NUG hopes Beijing is sincerely helping them to achieve what the Myanmar people are longing for -- the realization of a federal democratic country.

On Wednesday, NUG and three allied organizations issued a joint statement reaffirming their shared objectives.

He says that in the future, they will create a more complete and inclusive society, which includes the marginalized Rohingya people.

Duwa Lashi La says moves to realize a more inclusive civilian government will continue. But he noted that peace cannot be restored as long as the military continues to oppress its own people.