Temporary houses being built for evacuees of Japan's Noto earthquake

Temporary houses are now being built in central Japan for evacuees of the January 1 earthquake that killed 240 people and damaged tens of thousands of homes along the Sea of Japan coast.

In Wajima City, eighteen houses equipped with water tanks will be available starting Saturday. Fifty-five evacuees are scheduled to move in. City officials say there are more than 4,000 applicants awaiting housing.

The area is still without running water and other basic necessities. A 75-year-old shop owner has kept his business running since the quake to help the community.

The shop owner said, "For me, the customers are like my family. I want to help people as much as I can. I'm doing my best."

Meanwhile, Japan's Defense Ministry has announced it will dissolve a special task force involved in the initial response to the quake. Ten-thousand personnel with Japan's Self-Defense Forces will continue to support affected areas.