Airline service lets passengers take home 'wagyu' souvenirs

Three companies have joined hands so that tourists in Japan on some flights can easily take home "wagyu" beef as a souvenir.

The service was developed by airline Zipair Tokyo, JAL Cargo Service, and a group firm of the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives.

The service takes care of many of the procedures required when meat is taken out of Japan and brought to other countries.

It's available to passengers on Zipair's flights from Narita Airport, outside of Tokyo, to the United States and Singapore.

Passengers order the beef online before their flight.

Airline staff show the package to the customer at a check-in counter. Then the passenger picks it up after arriving at their destination.

The procedures are normally very complicated. Visitors have to find beef that can be exported and obtain a certificate at the airport's quarantine.

Japanese beef has become very popular overseas, mainly in Asia and North America. Exports last year hit a record of nearly 58 billion yen, or about 400 million dollars.