US admiral: Ukraine aid will help deter China in Indo-Pacific

The nominee to command US forces in the Indo-Pacific says the United States should continue aid to Ukraine as the move will help to deter China.

President Joe Biden has nominated Navy Admiral Samuel Paparo, currently the commander of the Pacific Fleet, as the new chief of the Indo-Pacific Command.

Paparo spoke on Thursday before a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing for his nomination.

He stressed that China is closely monitoring how the US is involved in Ukraine. Paparo said Russia's failure to achieve its aggressive actions is directly "a deterrence in the western Pacific."

The committee chairman, Jack Reed, asked Paparo whether the most decisive thing they could do is to pass the supplemental budget for Ukraine. Paparo said he agreed.

The US has been the largest provider of military aid for Ukraine. But due to a disagreement between Democrats and Republicans in Congress, it is still unclear whether an emergency spending bill to continue military assistance to Kyiv will be approved.