Hezbollah to continue resistance to Israel, senior official says

The Lebanon-based Shia militant group Hezbollah has expressed its determination to continue resistance to Israel unless the country ends its attacks in the Gaza Strip.

A senior official of Hezbollah's political arm, Hussein al-Hajj Hassan, told NHK on Thursday that Israel has failed to produce any results in Gaza and is heading toward defeat.

The official noted that Hezbollah's attacks have destroyed Israeli military bases and other targets and inflicted economic damage.

The Israeli military said that it had continued attacks on Hezbollah targets on Thursday.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant earlier said Israeli troops would "soon go into action," with its forces in the north reinforced.

Meanwhile, the Islamic group Hamas is apparently carefully considering a deal proposed by Israel and mediators, including Qatar, that would see Hamas release hostages in stages in exchange for a pause in the fighting.

Qatar-based satellite TV network Al Jazeera on Thursday quoted a senior Hamas official as saying the group has yet to respond to the proposal and is still studying the deal.

Israel's offensive continues in Gaza. Health authorities there say the death toll from the Israeli attacks has risen to 27,019 since the current conflict began.