All EU leaders agree on financial aid package for Ukraine

All leaders of the 27 member nations of the European Union have struck a deal to offer a support package worth 50 billion euros for Ukraine after Hungary blocked the plan in December.

The leaders held a summit in Brussels on Thursday to discuss the four-year aid package equivalent to about 54 billion dollars.

Shortly after the opening, European Council President Charles Michel posted a message on social media to announce the agreement.

Michel said the deal "locks in steadfast, long-term, predictable funding" for Ukraine. He added that the EU "is taking leadership and responsibility in support for Ukraine."

The EU leaders failed to reach an agreement on the package in their previous meeting in December, as they faced opposition from Hungary.

Michel earlier revealed that he, along with the leaders of France and Germany, had met Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban ahead of the summit. They are believed to have had discussions with Orban and influenced his stance.

Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen are expected to hold a news conference to explain the agreement.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his gratitude on social media in response to the EU agreement.

He wrote, "It is very important that the decision was made by all 27 leaders, which once again proves strong EU unity."

Zelenskyy went on to say, "Continued EU financial support for Ukraine will strengthen long-term economic and financial stability, which is no less important than military assistance and sanctions pressure on Russia."