One month later, Japan's Noto quake survivors try to look to the future

People in Japan are marking one month since a magnitude 7.6 earthquake rocked communities along the Sea of Japan coast.

240 people were killed and 19 remain unaccounted for. Thousands more living in temporary shelters are looking at a long road toward recovery.

Authorities in Ishikawa prefecture are working to support the survivors, but it is a daunting task. As of Wednesday, over 46,000 homes were confirmed to be damaged, many of them in the Noto Peninsula.

That has forced over 14-thousand people into evacuation centers. Almost 4,000 of them are living in secondary evacuation centers, such as inns and hotels, often in areas far from their homes.

In many places, running water remains offline. More than 40-thousand houses and businesses, mainly in Noto, still don't have access to it. It is expected to be restored in some areas by the end of March. But others may not have running water again until April or later.