Local businesses hurting from Noto Peninsula earthquake

Businesses in Ishikawa Prefecture are still battling to get back on their feet after the New Year's Day earthquake.

The damage forced electronics parts maker Murata Manufacturing to suspend operations at three plants of its cell phone parts subsidiary.

The company says it hopes to reopen the factories between early February and mid-May or later.

Toshiba subsidiary Kaga Toshiba Electronics has just managed to reopen a factory producing power semiconductors for automobiles and other products.

Meanwhile, Sanken Electric is making do with just part of its production lines at two out of three factories in Ishikawa. They also make modules containing vehicle power semiconductors. The firm says there's no prospect for a full reopening anytime soon.

Local fishers are also struggling. Ishikawa is well known for its snow crabs and sea bass.

The quake caused seabed upheaval that affected 60 out of 69 fishing ports in the prefecture.

The fisheries ministry says at least 18 of those are completely unusable with nine partly out of action.

The ministry plans to launch a survey this month to study repairs and to find out what people in the industry want to do.

There are already concerns that some may leave the profession if the disruption is likely to continue.