Pakistan's ex-prime minister Khan sentenced to 14 years in jail for corruption

Media in Pakistan say former Prime Minister Imran Khan was found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 14 years in prison on Wednesday, a day after he was given a 10-year jail term for leaking state secrets.

Reports say a court in a jail near Islamabad issued the latest ruling against Khan, finding that he failed to make a correct report after he received gifts from foreign government officials and sold them.

Khan is a former cricket star and popular among young people. He served as prime minister for four years from 2018. Last August, he was convicted of corruption and taken into custody.

Pakistan is due to hold a general election on February 8. Many candidates belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the party led by Khan, will stand in the election.

The party has expressed an intention to appeal, accusing the courts of making ridiculous decisions, while Khan's supporters are intensifying their opposition against the court rulings.