Patient support group to recruit models for breast reconstruction photo book

A patient support group and a publisher in the western Japanese prefecture of Kyoto will be recruiting people who have had breast reconstruction surgery for a photo book.

They aim to spread awareness of the surgery. Photographer Ninagawa Mika will be shooting the photos.

One in nine women are said to develop breast cancer. In Japan, reconstructive surgery following breast removal is covered by public health insurance. There are several methods for the procedure, including fat grafting and using silicone implants.

The nonprofit organization Empowering Breast Cancer says many patients who contact them express anxiety over how their breasts will look after the operation.

The group and the publisher decided to create the photo book to address that concern. They will start accepting applications from people who have had breast reconstruction surgery on the NPO's website from Thursday.

The head of the NPO, Masui Mika, said she wants people to know that their breasts can be reconstructed even if they are removed during cancer treatment. She said she hopes people will be able to face treatment positively by seeing the attractive photos that will be taken by Ninagawa.