Japanese police arrest 3 in Las Vegas prostitution case

Tokyo police have arrested three people on suspicion of soliciting a Japanese woman to work as a prostitute in the US city of Las Vegas.

The arrested are the owner of a Tokyo dating club, Funaki Haruka, a company executive in Tokyo, Tsuzaki Kako, and Katagiri Hiroshi, who is self-employed in Nagoya City, central Japan. They are suspected of violating the Employment Security Act.

The police allege that in March last year, Funaki proposed a trip to Las Vegas for the woman in her 30s. They say the woman was offered 1.8 million yen, or about 12,200 dollars.

The arrested dating club operator is said to have told the woman that she would be visiting the United States on a tourist visa.

The two women had first met via social media several years before.

Tsuzaki and Katagiri were allegedly in charge of explaining payment to the woman and acted as interpreters.

Funaki reportedly denied the charges, while the other two admitted to them.

The woman visited the US in May last year. She reportedly received threats over payment and other matters from a local prostitution ring that had introduced her to a customer. The woman reportedly consulted with local police, who took her into protective custody.