Japan: Two parliamentary vice ministers to resign over fundraising scandal

The Japanese government says two parliamentary vice ministers have decided to step down over a political fundraising scandal involving factions of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Internal Affairs Komori Takuo and his counterpart in the Cabinet Office Kato Ryusho belong to the LDP faction previously led by the late Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

Informed sources say investigations have revealed undeclared revenues in the political fund reports of Komori and Kato's offices from their faction's fundraising events.

Komori told reporters on Wednesday that in the last few days his office has confirmed the failure to report the revenues. He said he wanted to apologize for causing public distrust in politics.

In December, four Cabinet ministers, five state ministers and one parliamentary vice minister were replaced from among 15 senior government officials from the Abe faction.