Macron calls for continued European support to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron says Europe should continue to support Ukraine even if the United States decides to suspend or scale back its military aid to the country.

Macron was speaking to reporters in Sweden's capital Stockholm on Tuesday amid a stalemate in the US Congress over emergency spending to continue military assistance to Ukraine. The United States is the country's biggest backer.

The French president said European countries hope Washington will remain by their side. But he said, "if the United States were to make the sovereign choice to stop this aid or reduce it, it should not have an impact on the ground."

During a speech at a military academy later in the day, Macron referred to the production of weapons to be provided to Ukraine.

He said that even if European nations make "a lot of efforts in order to produce more and more rapidly, if we compare ourselves to the Russian effort today. It's not at scale and it's not the right speed."

Macron also reiterated full support for Sweden's decision to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.