N.Korea says it conducted test launch of strategic cruise missile

North Korea says it has conducted a test launch of a strategic cruise missile in waters of the Yellow Sea, west of the Korean Peninsula. The latest cruise missile launch is North Korea's third in the past week.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency said on Wednesday that a launching drill was conducted the previous day for the Hwasal-2 strategic cruise missile.

South Korea's military said on Tuesday that North Korea had launched cruise missiles toward the Yellow Sea. The North's report is believed to be referring to those missiles.

The report did not release details such as the number of missiles fired or their flight distance.

Pyongyang test-fired the new strategic cruise missile Pulhwasal on January 24, and conducted a test of the same missile from a submarine on Sunday.

North Korea says Tuesday's drill made a contribution to checking the Korean People's Army's rapid counterattack posture and improving its strategic striking capability.

North Korea has repeatedly been launching cruise missiles that can fly for long periods at low altitudes envisioning their use with tactical nuclear warheads.

The country test-fired Hwasal-2 strategic cruise missiles in February and March last year, which Pyongyang said flew for over two hours for distances of up to 2,000 kilometers.

Experts say they are designed for attacks that could include strikes on US military bases in Japan.