Israel says 3 terrorists killed in raid at West Bank hospital

Israeli security forces have shot dead three people in a raid on a hospital in the West Bank, accusing them of being terrorists.

The Israeli military announced on Tuesday that a 27-year-old and two others were killed in the operation in Jenin.

Israel says one of them had links with Hamas, and was planning an imminent terrorist attack, using the hospital as a hideout. It also alleges that the other two were involved in attacks on Israeli soldiers and terrorist activities.

Security camera footage from the hospital shows what appear to be Israeli forces dressed as doctors and nurses moving through a corridor, armed with rifles.

The Palestinian health minister reacted sharply, saying in a statement that the Israeli occupation forces again committed a crime against medical facilities.

The minister also called on the United Nations and international institutions to end the daily string of crimes committed by Israel.

Since October last year, Israel has been carrying out what it calls operations against terrorism in the West Bank while continuing its offensive in the Gaza Strip.
A number of Palestinians, including children, have been killed or detained.

The UN says 367 Palestinians had been killed across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as of Monday.