Houthis will continue attacks on ships, spokesperson says

A spokesperson for Houthi rebels in Yemen says they will continue their attacks on ships until Israel stops its offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The Houthis have been attacking vessels in the Red Sea. They say they are doing so to show solidarity with the Islamic group Hamas.

In response, US and British forces began staging strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen this month.

The Houthi spokesperson defended the group's attacks on ships in an online interview with NHK on Monday. The official said the United States and Britain launched attacks on Yemen, and that the Houthis are at war with the two nations.

The spokesperson also said the Houthis have never struck the wrong targets, adding their action has not affected marine transport. The official blamed the US for causing a negative impact on shipping.

The spokesperson said the group has no intent to heighten tensions across the region, and that its attacks will stop when Israel ceases its operations in Gaza.