Japan Foreign Ministry launches 'Women, Peace, Security' task force

Japanese Foreign Minister Kamikawa Yoko has launched a task force to promote the involvement of women in conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts, a concept known as "Women, Peace and Security," or WPS.

Kamikawa has been pushing the idea in bilateral talks with foreign counterparts since taking office last year. She plans to have WPS represent one of the key pillars of Japan's diplomacy.

The ministry task force held its first meeting on Monday. The group is made of members from various divisions at the foreign ministry.

Kamikawa explained the concept behind WPS, saying that there is a better chance of achieving sustained peace not only by protecting and helping women and girls, but also through women holding leadership positions and participating in conflict prevention, reconstruction, and peacebuilding.

Kamikawa said she will work with the entire foreign ministry to advance WPS at every opportunity as it contributes to peace and stability in the international community.

The foreign ministry says it will also strengthen coordination with relevant ministries and agencies over WPS efforts.