Landslide warning due to melting snow for areas hit by Noto quake

Japanese authorities are calling on residents in the region struck by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake on New Year's Day to be on the alert for landslides as temperatures are expected to rise on Tuesday.

Monday marks exactly four weeks since a magnitude 7.6 quake devastated the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture.

People in the disaster zone experienced severe cold on Monday morning, but daytime highs were two to three degrees higher than the average for this time of year.

The mercury rose to 9.8 degrees Celsius in Kanazawa City, 8.3 in Suzu City, and 7.7 in Wajima City.

Temperatures are set to climb further in the region over the next two days. Tuesday's expected highs are 11 degrees in the cities of Kanazawa and Toyama and 10 in Wajima.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says warmer weather could trigger avalanches and melting snow could loosen the ground and cause landslides in disaster-hit areas.

Meanwhile, some survivors have died from worsened health conditions while living in temporary shelters after the quake.

Even though temperatures might be higher than normal during the daytime, they plunge in the evening. Officials are advising evacuees to check on each other's health, stay warm, and exercise from time to time to prevent hypothermia.