Calligrapher performs on snow field in Yamagata Prefecture

A Japanese calligrapher has used a snow field like a sheet of paper to write characters for an outdoor performance in Yamagata Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast.

Fukuda Bousen held the performance in Yonezawa City on Sunday in front of about 200 spectators.

She held a large brush weighing 4 kilograms to write the kanji "susumu," which means "to advance" or "to move forward," on a section of compressed snow measuring 10 meters by 15 meters.

She also wrote "never give up" in Japanese for people affected by the massive earthquake that hit the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture and surrounding regions on New Year's Day.

Children joined the performance to complete the phrase "power to live."

Fukuda said she wants to send a message of encouragement to those affected in Noto who are enduring hardships.