Suspected fugitive from 1975 bombing attack dies at hospital near Tokyo

Japanese investigative sources say a suspected fugitive believed to have been involved in one of several bombing attacks in the Japanese capital in the 1970s died at a hospital near Tokyo on Monday morning.

Tokyo police are trying to confirm the identity of the person through DNA analysis and other means.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department received information on Thursday last week that a man, who claimed to be the fugitive Kirishima Satoshi, was hospitalized in Kanagawa Prefecture earlier this month for stomach cancer.

Kirishima was a member of the East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front.

The extremist group is believed to be responsible for a series of bombing attacks that were carried out 1974 and 1975 targeting companies.

Kirishima was placed on a nationwide wanted list for his suspected involvement in one of the attacks in Tokyo's Ginza district in 1975.

The man believed to be Kirishima was quoted as saying that he wants to spend the remaining days of his life using his real name. He reportedly told investigators details of the situation around the time of the attack.

Tokyo police believe there is a high probability that the deceased man is Kirishima, and are trying to verify what he told investigators.