Drone attack on US forces in Jordan kills 3 service members

A drone attack on US forces in Jordan has killed three service members, raising concern that tensions in the Middle East may further escalate.

The US Central Command announced on Sunday that three US service members had been killed and 25 wounded in a drone attack on a US base in northeastern Jordan near the Syria border.

US President Joe Biden said in a statement that Washington is still gathering information but it knows the attack was carried out by "radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq."

Biden said the US will carry on the service members' commitment to fight terrorism.

He said his country will hold all those responsible to account "at a time and in a manner" of its choosing.

CNN and other media outlets report this marks the first time US troops have been killed by enemy fire in the Middle East since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began in October of last year.

There have been drone and rocket attacks on US forces in the region as the conflict continues and humanitarian crisis deepens in the Gaza Strip.