Central Japan's quake-hit areas on alert for landslides

Rain or snow is expected to fall intermittently this weekend in areas affected by the Noto Peninsula quake that rocked central Japan on New Year's Day.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is advising residents to be on the alert for possible landslides as continuing tremors have loosened the ground.

The Noto and Kaga regions of Ishikawa Prefecture will have up to 25 millimeters of rain in the 24 hours through Sunday evening, and up to 50 millimeters in the following 24 hours through Monday evening.

Authorities are advising evacuees to take precautions against hypothermia, such as using blankets or exercising to stay warm.

The number of quakes in the Noto region and surrounding areas has been decreasing. However, seismic activity remains high.

As of 4 p.m. on Saturday, 1,532 tremors with an intensity of 1 or higher on the Japanese scale of zero to 7 had been observed.

Weather officials are urging people to remain alert for upper-5 or stronger quakes.