WSJ: Senior US, Chinese officials to discuss Houthi attacks in Red Sea

The Wall Street Journal says senior officials from the United States and China will meet to discuss the attacks carried out by Yemen's Houthi rebels on ships in the Red Sea.

The newspaper printed the report on Thursday. It cited multiple US officials.

It reported that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will meet in Thailand to talk about the attacks on commercial vessels and other vessels conducted by the rebels.

The White House says Iran has been supporting the Houthis by providing them with weapons and ammunition, and by other means. Washington has been calling on Beijing, which has friendly ties with Iran, to convince the Iranians to help ease the tensions.

An NHK correspondent says the US side is expected to strongly urge China to take action during a face-to-face meeting between high-ranking officials.

If the meeting is held, it will be the first between the two men since Taiwan's presidential election on January 13, and it is likely that they will also discuss ways to stabilize US-China relations.