Special measures taken for foreign residents in Japan following Noto earthquake

Japan's immigration authorities have taken measures to support foreign nationals affected by the January 1 Noto Peninsula earthquake.

The Immigration Services Agency is extending their residence status in Japan until June 30 without the procedures usually required.

The agency is also taking special measures on working until the end of June.

If technical intern trainees and other foreign workers find it difficult to continue their work due to the earthquake, they will be allowed to find a job of types other than the one stated in their residential certificate.

For such a change, applications by themselves or the businesses that they now belong to are necessary. They will be able to do the new job for up to three months after gaining permission. They are required to return to the original workplace after the period.

Permission is not necessary for the time being for technical trainees to engage in recovery work, such as removing debris, at their workplace.

The deadline is being eased for businesses to report that it has become difficult to continue the technical training program. Support is available on procedures to change trainees' workplaces.

For further details, regional immigration services bureaus provide information on residence and working status. Regarding the technical trainee program, the website of the Organization for Technical Intern Training shows consulting services in eight languages, including Vietnamese, Chinese and Indonesian.