Japan Post Group lets people who lost bank cards in Noto quake withdraw cash

Japan Post Group is taking measures for people affected by Monday's major earthquake that hit the Sea of Japan side of central Japan.

Japan Post Bank says people who have lost their bankbook, seal and cash card can withdraw money if it can confirm their identity.

The bank says withdrawls are limited to 200,000 yen, or about 1,380 dollars, per person. It says people can make them at the group's bank and post offices that provide over-the-counter services nationwide. It adds that the measure is effective from Thursday through February 5.

Japan Post Insurance says it will make insurance payments even if customers have lost necessary documents, including their certificate. It also says it is allowing customers to postpone fee payments by up to six months.

Japan Post says it is suspending over-the-counter services at 115 post offices in Ishikawa Prefecture and Niigata City. It says they will also be suspended at all 107 post offices in Ishikawa Prefecture's Nanao, Wajima, Suzu cities and Shika, Nakanoto, Anamizu and Noto towns. It says those offices are also suspending over-the-counter services of Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance.

Japan Post Group says its emergency measures cover municipalities in Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui prefectures where the disaster relief law applies over the quake. It also says it will expand the measures if the area covered under the law widens.