N.Korean media make no mention of planned 'satellite launch'

North Korea has notified Japan of its plan to launch a satellite between November 22 and 30. But the country's media have so far not mentioned it.

North Korea's third attempt to put a military spy satellite into orbit has raised alerts in other countries.

The Japan Coast Guard says it was notified by email on Tuesday.

But the North Korean ruling party's newspaper had no mention of a satellite launch in its Tuesday edition. Front-page coverage was devoted to local assembly elections scheduled for Sunday.

South Korean meteorological officials have issued weather forecasts for Tongchang-ri, where North Korea's Sohae Satellite Launching Station is located in the country's northwest.

They say Wednesday will be cloudy, with rain later in the day and rain or snow are expected on Sunday and Monday. But on other days, skies will be mostly clear.

Previous attempts by North Korea to launch a military reconnaissance satellite in May and August of this year ended in failure.

Observers note that the North appears to have received technological assistance from Russia. In September, the leaders of the two countries met for the first time in four years at a space center in Russia's Far East.