Israeli forces criticized for attacks on another hospital in northern Gaza

The World Health Organization and others are appealing for Israeli forces to stop attacking a hospital in northern Gaza.

As Israel continues its military operation in Gaza, the WHO says the Indonesian Hospital is being besieged and no one can get in or out.

The Qatar-based satellite TV station Al Jazeera on Monday broadcast a video taken inside the hospital after it was hit by Israeli strikes on Sunday.

The footage shows badly damaged ceilings. The report said 12 people, including patients, were killed.

The AFP news agency quoted local health authorities as saying 200 patients were transferred to another hospital, but 400 more remain trapped there.

The WHO said on Monday it is "appalled" by the attack on the Indonesian Hospital, "which reportedly resulted in the killing of at least 12 persons, including patients."

At Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in Gaza and which has already come under attack, some 200 patients are said to remain even after premature babies were evacuated to Egypt and elsewhere.

The WHO has pledged efforts to rescue people from the damaged hospitals.