Japanese narcotics squad raids cannabis-like gummy factory in Osaka

Japanese government narcotics agents have inspected a factory in Osaka City, western Japan, over the production of gummy candies allegedly containing a substance with a toxicity similar to that of a designated drug like cannabis.

On Tuesday, officials from the health ministry's Narcotics Control Department searched the factory of WWE, the Osaka-based company that manufactured the gummies.

The move comes after more than 20 people fell ill in Tokyo and Osaka prefectures after eating gummies produced by the company since the start of this year.

The candy package's label mentions an ingredient called HHCH, or hexahydrocannabihexol. It resembles a constituent of cannabis.

The substance is suspected of having a toxicity similar to that of designated drugs, but it has not been legally regulated in Japan.

The officials checked the inventory of the products at the factory. They are examining whether the candies contain substances that can cause hallucinations or other health harming effects.

On Monday, the officials raided an office of WWE. They said gummies apparently as toxic as designated drugs were found on sale at a store in Tokyo.

WWE has been ordered to suspend sales of the product until analysis of its ingredients is completed.