Babies evacuated from Gaza's largest hospital

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society says it's evacuated 31 newborns from Al-Shifa Hospital, just days after it was raided by Israeli forces hunting for Hamas.

On Sunday, the organization said the babies were transferred to a hospital in southern Gaza. The day before, the World Health Organization reported that 25 medical workers and nearly 300 patients were still inside Al-Shifa. It warns that lack of sanitation and access to antibiotics are harming the injured and sick sheltering there.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military says it's found a tunnel within the hospital's compound. It's released what appears to be footage shot by a drone entering the tunnel from a pit outside. Israel has claimed Hamas militants are using the hospital to conceal their actions, and using its staff and patients as human shields.

It's also released footage taken inside the hospital dated October 7, the day of Hamas's attack on Israel.
Israeli officials claim the two videos show a Nepalese national and a Thai national taken hostage by Hamas, being brought into Al-Shifa.

Cold weather is threatening to make the situation for displaced people in Gaza even worse. Many do not have warm clothing or access to shelter.

One evacuee says his tent has collapsed so there's nowhere to sleep. He added that they don't have winter clothes and children are dying.

As of Sunday, Palestinian health authorities say at least 12,000 have died in Gaza since October 7. That includes almost 5,000 children.

On the Israeli side, about 1,200 deaths have been reported so far.