300 Thais evacuated from Myanmar

Amid fierce fighting in Myanmar, authorities in neighboring Thailand say they have evacuated more than 300 Thai nationals who were caught up in the conflict.

In the eastern state of Shan, battles continue between Myanmar's military and armed ethnic minority groups.

The Thai government worked with Myanmar's military to repatriate Thai nationals who sought help in leaving the country. Some were transported home by land and others were taken over the border to China and flown from there to Bangkok.

Northern Shan, near the border with China, serves as a base for Chinese criminal organizations involved in phone fraud and other crimes. The Thai government plans to interview the evacuees to check if they were involved in crime or are victims of human trafficking.

In Myanmar, militants from three ethnic minority groups jointly launched an attack on the military in Shan in late October. The militants have taken control of some towns and military facilities. Pro-democracy forces responded to the move by ramping up offensives across the country.

A UN agency says more than 200,000 people in Myanmar have been displaced in the latest round of fighting. Many have fled to India or China.