Israel, Hamas make conflicting claims over tunnel video of Gaza hospital

Israel and Hamas are making conflicting claims over a video publicly shared by the Israeli military showing a tunnel reportedly dug by Hamas underneath Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Israel continues attacks targeting hospitals in Gaza.
Health authorities in Gaza say Israeli strikes on the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza killed 12 people and injured dozens others on Sunday.

Qatar-based satellite TV station Al Jazeera reported that there were several thousand people in the hospital, including staff, patients and those taking shelter. The broadcaster also said the hospital was targeted without prior warning.

On Sunday, the Israeli military published a video of what it described as a Hamas tunnel in the compounds of Al-Shifa Hospital. It said the tunnel is 10 meters deep and 55 meters long.

Israel said the findings clearly prove that numerous buildings in the hospital's complex are used by Hamas as cover for terrorist infrastructure and activities.

The Israeli military also released a video that it says was taken on October 7 at Al-Shifa Hospital. The military said the footage shows hostages abducted from Israeli territory and proves that Hamas used the hospital as "terrorist infrastructure."

Meanwhile, Hamas released a statement on social media dismissing Israel's claim that it had found a tunnel at Al-Shifa Hospital. The group said it was a plot to cover up a lie that Hamas has been using the facility as a command center.

The group also disputes Israel's claim that Hamas has been keeping hostages at the hospital, calling it a lie to cover up failures in the country's military operations.

On Monday, Hamas also issued a statement about the seizure of a cargo ship in the Red Sea near Yemen by the Houthi rebel group in the country.

Hamas welcomed and praised the seizure, saying that brothers of Muslims have taken action for a victory in Gaza.