Large-scale redevelopment work completed on Tokyo's JR Shibuya Station

The final large-scale work on Tokyo's JR Shibuya Station is complete, amid the ongoing project to extensively redevelop the area.

At dawn on Monday, workers for East Japan Railway finished lifting the Yamanote Line's tracks by up to 20 centimeters. Train services returned to normal following a planned partial suspension of services over the weekend.

The program to redevelop the station and its neighborhood is being called a "once in a century" project.

The lifting of the tracks has made it possible to renovate two passages connecting the east and west sides of the station. Each passage will be about 2.6 meters high and around 20 meters wide.

Workers also extended the station's platforms in order to construct stairs and other walkways leading to a building to be opened on the south side.

A 60-year-old tourist who came from southwestern Japan expressed surprise at the changes to the area.

He said it seems that every time he comes to Shibuya he sees new high-rise buildings, and is amazed to find the area still has room for redevelopment.