Protesters in Tokyo call for halt to fighting in Gaza

Demonstrators have held a rally and marched through the streets of Tokyo to demand Israel stop its attacks in the Gaza Strip. They called for an immediate ceasefire.

Organizers say about 1,500 people took part in the rally on Sunday in response to a call by civic groups.

Speakers at the rally said attacking civilians and hospitals violates international law. They said the situation would not change unless people speak out.

Other participants shouted, "Stop airstrikes" or "Stop fighting immediately."

The demonstrators then marched around Shinjuku Station, holding placards reading "Peace for Palestinians" and Palestinian flags, and making peace calls such as "Freedom for Gaza."

A man who took part with his daughter said he has learned that many children have died in the fighting and thought he must do something.

He said each and every person, from adults to children, must speak out together to move the world.

A woman in her 50s said it is unforgivable that children, women and sick people have been victimized. She says the situation will not change unless people around the world raise their voices.