Tokyo's Yamanote loop line partly shut down on weekend

Residents of Tokyo are seeing a service interruption on one of their busiest railways. The Yamanote loop line is undergoing construction work at bustling Shibuya Station.

The aim of the work will be to improve the pedestrian passages that run between the east and west sides of the station.

The Yamanote Line connects major locations in central Tokyo.

East Japan Railway says services are shut down on the line clockwise from Osaki to Ikebukuro stations all of Saturday, and counterclockwise along the same section all of Sunday.

The firm will also reduce services for the rest of the loop on both days.

The area around Shibuya Station is currently undergoing a redevelopment program called a "once in a century" project. East Japan Railway says this will be the last major construction work that will require train services to be suspended.