Japan aims to make second attempt to launch flagship H3 rocket by end of March

Japan's space agency says it aims to make a second attempt to launch the country's new flagship H3 rocket by the end of next March.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, revealed the plan at a news conference in Tokyo on Friday.

The first launch this March ended in failure after the rocket's second-stage engine did not ignite. After analyzing flight data and conducting studies, JAXA identified three main factors contributing to the failure.

JAXA President Yamakawa Hiroshi said measures to be taken for the next launch were determined in response to the failed initial attempt.

He also said results of the main engine's combustion testing have helped JAXA to better prepare to launch its second H3 rocket.

Yamakawa said considerable progress has been made toward a successful launch, and expressed his eagerness to carry it out as soon as possible.