Business complex opens near Tokyo's Haneda Aiport

A large-scale commercial complex focused on new technology and culture has opened on the site of former facilities at Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

Haneda Innovation City was developed as a joint venture between Tokyo's Ota Ward and 9 companies.

It houses research and development laboratories for cutting-edge technologies, a restaurant staffed by robots, as well as a concert hall. The complex includes an advanced medical research center offering infertility treatment, as well as rehabilitation therapy using robot-based equipment.

There is also a hotel where guests can watch aircraft from their rooms. Self-driving buses are available to shuttle visitors between buildings in the complex.

Kato Atsushi, an official of complex operator, Haneda Future Development said "it's very important to go to a research institute and study, but on the other hand, I hope people can experience cutting-edge technology, new ideas and new culture casually in everyday life.''

He added he hopes it will generate innovations through business and personal communications.