Broadcasting trade fair underway near Tokyo

An international exhibition for broadcasting professionals is underway near Tokyo. About 1,000 companies are taking part in Inter BEE.

This year, many are showcasing systems that integrate artificial intelligence and virtual-reality technologies with cameras and other conventional equipment.

One system by a maker of 8K ultra-high-definition cameras uses AI to recognize a person's face and automatically follow them.

One possible application of the technology is the use of a single camera to track each member of large musical groups during TV performances.

NHK was one of the event's participants.
Its booth features a system that can link the movement of a camera in a studio with CG-generated scenery on a screen. The system can seamlessly combine images of the real world with the virtual background.

NHK is also introducing a virtual-reality version of Hiroshima's Atomic Bomb Dome. It was created with photographs taken by a 360-degree camera.

Visitors wear a head-mounted display to view the dome's interior, where tourists are normally barred from entering.

Inter BEE ends on Friday.