Hundreds of Rohingya land in Indonesia by boat

Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims are turning up on the shores of Indonesia. Such arrivals are often the result of risky boat journeys as the persecuted Myanmar minorities try to flee poor living conditions.

Local officials in Indonesia's western Aceh Province say more than 300 Rohingya refugees have arrived by boat over the last 3 days. They included women and children, with some visibly exhausted. Many have been transferred to an evacuation site.

The United Nations refugee agency, or UNHCR, is working with local authorities to ensure their safety.

In 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar to escape a brutal military crackdown. Nearly one million refugees are now living in camps in neighboring Bangladesh. Some try to escape poor living conditions by fleeing to other countries in dangerous wooden boats.

Following the 2021 military coup in Myanmar, there has been fighting as pro-democracy forces and ethnic militants battle against the junta. There is little prospect of the safe return of Rohingya refugees amid the conflict.