Israel claims it found Al-Shifa command center, but no concrete footage released

The Israel military said it found a Hamas command post at Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. But a video that the military has released so far does not include footage of what appears to be a command center.

The Israeli military on Wednesday raided the largest hospital in the enclave, where it says Hamas has a key base. The military said it is continuing a "precise and targeted operation."

Health authorities in Gaza say Israeli troops have destroyed vital equipment at the hospital and detained two engineers. They also say no weapons were found.

The BBC reports that the military operation has provoked international criticism, but "did not net a major arsenal of weapons."

The British broadcaster analyzed footage, and said what is shown does not look "sufficient" for a command center.

Israel's offensive in Gaza shows no signs of easing. On Thursday, military officials said they had conducted an air raid on a residence belonging to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, who is based abroad.

The officials say the property has often served as a meeting point for senior members of Hamas.

Observers say the Israeli military could be trying to evade criticism of the raid on Al-Shifa by stressing their continued offensive targeting Hamas bases.