Patients, staff caught up in Israeli raid on Gaza hospital

The Israeli Ground Forces stormed the Gaza Strip's largest hospital early Wednesday, claiming Hamas uses it as a key base. The group denies that. Meantime, civilians are caught in the middle.

The Israel Defense Forces released video it says shows troops entering Al-Shifa Hospital. It says soldiers scanned infrastructure and looked for weapons used by Hamas.

Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said IDF forces are carrying out a "precise and targeted operation" against Hamas in a specified area of the hospital.

A UN agency said more than 600 patients as well as about 1,500 other Gaza residents are sheltering there.
There are also reports that patients and medical staff have been moved to a square on the west side of the hospital.

Ahmed el Mokhallalati, a doctor at the hospital, said tanks were moving around the hospital and one entered its grounds.

Israeli officials say Hamas is using Al-Shifa and other medical facilities in Gaza for underground military operations. The US government backs the claim. But Hamas says there's no truth to it.

Hamas' political officer said, "The White House and the Pentagon's contributions to the lies claiming that our fighters are using Al-Shifa makes the US president a full participant of the occupation."

Elsewhere in the strip, there are signs that some badly needed supplies are getting in, with trucks carrying fuel entering from the southern border. Israel had refused to allow such deliveries, saying Hamas could use them for military purposes.

It was the first delivery of fuel into the enclave since the conflict started early last month. But Reuters news agency reports the supply will not be used at hospitals.