WMO: Concentrations of 3 greenhouse gases in atmosphere reach new highs

The United Nations weather agency says the concentrations of three major greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached new highs in 2022.

The World Meteorological Organization, WMO, analyzes observation data collected from weather agencies and research institutions across the world.

The WMO's annual report released on Wednesday says that global carbon dioxide levels in 2022 were 417.9 parts per million, or ppm. That was 2.2 ppm higher than in the previous year. It has continued to set new highs every year since 1984 when systematic measurements began across the world.

Global methane levels in 2022 were 1,923 parts per billion, or ppb, up 16 ppb from the previous year, and nitrous oxide at 335.8 ppb, up 1.4 ppb. They also reached new highs.

The annual growth rate of methane and nitrous oxide levels was higher than the average growth rate over the past decade, while the annual growth rate of CO2 was lower.

Japan's Meteorological Agency, which has taken part in the analysis, attributes this to lower temperatures in the tropic zone last year, which are believed to have hindered the activity of microorganisms that decompose organic matter.

The agency also said more efforts are needed to reduce greenhouse gases as global warming is behind natural disasters such as torrential rains.