Report: China's CO2 emissions set to drop from 2024

New analysis from a climate science research group shows China's carbon dioxide emissions are set to decline next year.

The country now emits more CO2 than any other nation, but it has rapidly expanded its clean energy such as wind and solar.

UK-based Carbon Brief analyzed official figures and commercial data, and found that China has installed a record amount of low-carbon energy infrastructure.

Its growth in solar power is especially striking. The country is expected to add some 210 gigawatts this year alone, which is twice the total capacity of solar power in the United States.

Hydro generation is also expected to rebound, after it fell to record levels due to last year's drought and this year's lack of rain.

Carbon Brief says China's expansion of low-carbon energy is seen exceeding the average annual increase of its electricity demand for the first time.

But the report says the country remains heavily reliant on coal, and that reducing this is key to its decarbonization.