US report urges Congress to help Pentagon expand training of Taiwan military

A report by a US Congressional advisory panel says Congress should allow the Defense Department to expand training of the Taiwanese military. The recommendation comes amid mounting concern over the possibility of Chinese military aggression toward Taiwan.

The bipartisan US-China Economic and Security Review Commission released its annual report on Tuesday.

The report says, "In 2023, China accelerated its multifaceted political, military, economic, and information pressure campaign against Taiwan, continuing to raise international concerns about the possibility of Beijing initiating military aggression."

It says the purpose of such activities is to influence the result of the Taiwanese presidential election scheduled for next year.

The report urges Congress to direct the Pentagon to expand training of Taiwan's military to locations in the United States. It says the goal is to familiarize Taiwanese personnel with weapons systems that have been ordered but not yet delivered by the US, so that they can master them quickly once delivered.

It says Congress should authorize the Defense Department to allow observer teams from Taiwan to regularly observe and participate in such training.

The report also calls on Congress to enact legislation to establish a US-Taiwan joint center "to uncover, analyze, and counter China's disinformation and offensive cyber operations against Taiwan."