Tokyo governor: Hydrogen key to energy security and decarbonization

Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko says hydrogen energy will be a key to achieving energy security and decarbonization in the future.

Koike delivered the opening remarks at the HENCA Tokyo 2023 - Hydrogen Energy Conference for Action on Tuesday.

She said, "One key for achieving energy security and decarbonization is hydrogen energy. If we take this opportunity to share our knowledge, we can help establish hydrogen as a major source of power for the future."

Thirteen speakers took part in the conference, including a deputy mayor of the US city of Los Angeles and Singapore's ambassador to Japan.
The speakers introduced examples of hydrogen energy use in their own countries.

Tokyo reported the installation of underground pipes for hydrogen delivery in area where the 2020 Olympics' athletes' village was located. Hydrogen supply and electricity generation will start there in 2024.

The panelists said they will work to promote international efforts aimed at accelerating the social implementation of hydrogen energy.

The meeting was hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government ahead of the UN climate change conference COP28 scheduled in the United Arab Emirates later this month.