Officials: 70% of hospitals in Gaza stop services

More newborns and other patients are reportedly dying as Israel's ground offensive continues in the Gaza Strip.
Health officials say about 70 percent of the hospitals in the enclave have been forced to stop services due to the conflict.

The Israeli military released a video Monday, claiming it was recorded after one of its commando units raided the Rantisi Hospital in northern Gaza.

In the video, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari says a tunnel leads to the basement of the facility.

He claims Hamas kept hostages in a room. He also points to what he says is a list of the names of Hamas members who kept eyes on the hostages. But what's actually written are the days of the week.

Hamas says the video shows outright lies and Israel can't use it to deceive the public or justify its attacks on hospitals.

Middle East expert Suzuki Hiroyuki tells NHK Israel is trying to put pressure on those against it.

He said, "I believe that by releasing this video, the Israeli military is sending the message that it's ready to attack any facility Hamas fighters are at, whether it is a hospital, or an international institution."

Fuel shortages in Gaza are forcing taxi drivers to mix cooking oil with light diesel oil.

In Rafah, some are using donkey-driven wagons to transport people. The drivers are struggling to serve the many who have fled to the area to escape the fighting.
Injured children are being brought in one after another at Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis.

Local health officials say medical services at 25 of the 35 hospitals in Gaza have been stopped due to the attacks and lack of fuel.